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Dear Leader

It is so valuable to reflect on times in your life where the Lord did a special work in your heart? I did that today, reflecting on the 6 years I spent in CT from the age 27 to 33. While I was there I fellowshipped at Tygerberg Vineyard Church, and my Pastor was Richard Mayberry. So I listened to an old tape of a sermon he preached, and then listened to two Vineyard music albums. It's so wonderful to ponder on God's faithfulness through the years, and to remember the people who had a role in our faith journey.


Icebreaker: Share about a special season in your life spiritually, and about a person that had a deep impact on your faith journey? What was God doing in your life at the time?


Song suggestions:

1. This is the air I breathe (Michael W Smith)
2. No longer slaves (Bethel)
3. Abba I belong to you (Jonathan David Helser)

Discipleship: Life in the Spirit (Part 3)

Scripture Reading
Romans 8:12-14

1: Those who are led by the impulses of the Spirit are the mature sons of God.

Romans 8:14

When we put our faith In Jesus we receive the Holy Spirit. But we need to take the next step and allow the Holy Spirit to actually lead our lives. We need to be sensitive to His promptings and respond to His impulses.

Paul is not speaking about special incidences of divine guidance for certain believers, but about what all true sons of God should experience ... the moment by moment leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is our helper. He is always present, helping us to follow the leading of the Lord. Sometimes our flesh wants to do something that isn't right, and the Holy Spirt prompts us to take the righteous path so that we can stay out of bondage. (Psalm 23:3)

The Holy Spirit also wants to help us in the big important decisions of life e.g. Who we should marry, how many children to have, what subjects to choose, career choices to make.

Discussion 1: How are you allowing yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit in this current season of life? Share an example.

2: It is by the Holy Spirit enablement that we cry out Abba Father

Read Romans 8:15 in The Passion Translation.

The moment that you are born again you are born into God's family as a son. You are not a slave but an heir. It is too wonderful for words. And it is the Holy Spirit who produces the Sonship in us, He is the one who brings about our adoption. It is through Him that we can cry out Abba Father. This is our true identity ... sons of God and co-heirs with Christ.

Abba means Father in Aramaic. It is a very intimate personal word, and can be interpreted as 'Daddy' or 'Pappa'. Christianity is the only religion that has this distinctive quality of God being a personal Father to us.

When Jesus taught us to pray he said, pray like this "Our Father." None of the Old Testament saints would have dared to call God by the name Father. But Jesus came to say that His Father is our Father too ... all because of His work of redemption. (John 1:12).

Discussion 2: Talk about this ... about God being your Abba Father and about your true identity being a child of God and a co-heir with Christ.

3: The Holy Spirit came to confirm that we are God's children

Romans 8:16

Imagine that your fist or your left hand is your spirit. And that your open right hand is the Holy Spirit. Cover your left hand with your right hand. This illustrates the verse. The Holy Spirit testifies to our spirit that we are a child of God. He confirms that we really are children of God.

This is so important because the enemy wants to bring doubt into our minds that we are God's children. He even tempted Jesus in this way "If you are the son of God command this stone to become bread."

The Holy Spirit constantly reassures us of our identity as God's children.

Discussion 3: Have you ever experienced the enemy sowing seeds of doubt regarding your identity as a child of God? What did you do?

4: As God's children we are entitled to a splendid inheritance (a mind boggling inheritance)

Romans 8:17

The definition of an heir is someone who has legal right to inherit the property of another upon their death.

Being a child in God's family and being an heir are an inseparable reality. A glorious inheritance in in store for us. All that belongs to the Father is ours. Both in this life and in eternity.

Discussion 4: How should this knowledge of being an heir of a Kingdom inheritance impact how we live?


Pray for anyone that is feeling discouraged and ask the Holy Spirit to testify to their spirit that they are a child of God.

Pray for LG members in need. Let's believe for the Lord to intervene mightily in His children's lives.


Send the YouTube link of the song Abba to someone who you feel needs a reminder of their identity as a Child of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sroPrjCoGY

May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Bruce Taylor

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