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Dear Leader

Last week I attended one of our Life Groups. The leader started off by asking for testimonies and prayer needs, and then during a time of quiet worship, she thanked the Lord for the answers to prayer, and interceded for those in need. We spent some time in the Word and then once again entered a time of quiet worship and prayer. During this time I sensed a warm cloud of God's peace filling the room and we were all overwhelmed by His presence. When I spoke to her afterwards she told me how she prays earnestly before every LG meeting. And how faithfully the Lord manifests His presence in their midst. She then shared that when she is rushed and busy, and doesn't pray beforehand, the LG meeting is just not the same!

Pray and Prepare

Our theme for the year is "The Holy Spirit". Please be praying and expecting the Holy Spirit to move in your Life Group this week. His presence makes all the difference!

Just a reminder that the purpose of the Life Group guideline is to provide some discussion questions around the Sunday sermon. Please don't fall into the trap of re-teaching the message. As you prepare, take some time to work through the guideline and then customize the discussion for your Life Group. I encourage a brief recap of the key points for those who missed the service. But the focus should be on facilitating a time of sharing and learning together, so that the Word can bear fruit in their lives.


Icebreaker: Have you been on the receiving end of a Good Samaritan encounter?


Choose a few songs that have been especially significant to you recently.

Discipleship: Doing Good to Others

Read Luke 10:25-37

Discussion: What stands out to you from the Parable of the Good Samaritan?

1. Love compels us to break through the barriers

The priest didn't want to get involved. He passed on the other side. Of all people the priest should have shown compassion on the injured man. The word love includes action.

The Levite came and looked. He stepped a little closer. But then he is also passed by. His curiosity didn't lead to compassion and action.

When Jesus mentioned a Samaritan it would have shocked the listeners. They were despised for they had intermarried. Yet this Samaritan shows an abundance of love and compassion. Love compels us to break through the barriers. The Samaritan reached out despite racial tensions. He saw a man who was in desperate need.

The Love of God can help us to put aside prejudice and defeat racism.

Discussion: Talk about the marginalised members of our society, the outcasts, the rejected. How can we as God's children respond like the Good Samaritan ... and break through the barriers of prejudice to help those in need? Discuss the power of compassion!

2. Love compels us to give of ourselves and of what we have

Read Matthew 22:39

Our Neighbour is anyone that is within our reach. The moment a person is near you they have claim on your mercy and kindness. Jesus describes in great detail everything that the Samaritan did. He gave his time, his love, his supplies, his donkey, his money, his care, and his commitment to come back and check on the man. Sometimes it is costly to love people!

Discussion: Have you ever helped someone at great cost to yourself? Share of a time where you felt Jesus was working through you to help someone in need?

3. Go and do the same ... Do good to others!

Re-read Luke 10:36-37
Read Galatians 6:9-10

Discussion: What are some practical ways that we can help others ... individually ... as a group?


Share prayer needs and pray for one another (Have some worship music playing in the background if you can)


Think of someone who needs your help. Commit to helping them in some practical way this week. Be generous (Proverbs 11:25)!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Bruce Taylor

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