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What: Real Men is a CHOOSE LIFE ministry to equip & motivate men to fulfil their God-given destiny & purpose.

Why: Being male is a matter of birth; being a MAN is a matter of choice (Edwin Louis Cole). Statistics have shown that at least 40% of children are not living with their fathers. Only about 25% of men have close male friends. We work on average 47 hours a week doing 1.3 people's work yet 33% cannot earn enough to meet all the family's needs. We spend less than 5 minutes per day talking to our wives and children, let alone God. Most of us have a secret life involving substance abuse (20%) or sexual activities such as pornography or affairs (64%), yet only 33% of us will reach out for help.

Men have forgotten how to be real men. We perceive masculinity to be found in money, power, prestige, women, sex, sport and many other things except for what God intended for us. Instead, men are called to be the king, priest and prophet of their households. This requires of us to be saved, be good husbands, involved fathers and ultimately committed men of God. We have the choice and will be challenged to break the cycle of destruction now.

Real Men Ministry aims to:

1. Be a true representation of the Father's love as Priests of our own homes, by being godly fathers, husbands, brothers & sons.
2. Present a Godly alternative to the world and Satan's lies regarding masculinity; being Real Men! Godly Men.
3. Equip men to effectively deal with snares, lies & temptations & put into action a plan together to conquer;
4. Motivate men to start fulfilling their God given destiny or purpose, by obeying God today & everyday;
5. Support and continuously encourage men in living out their God given purpose. Stand together, not alone.

We minister to men in the following ways:

1. Men's Monthly Powa-2-Hour Meeting
2. Outreaches
3. Life Groups








Every 2nd Saturday of the month


07:00 - 09:00

Powa-2-Hour – Ministry/Prayer


Powa-2-Hour Meeting

For more information contact Pastor Gregory Shipley at gregory@chooselifechurch.com or Annette Muller at annette@chooselifechurch.com or call 0861 246673

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